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Welcome to Denmark!
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Nov 19, 2005 at 07:52 AM

Image We wish Sandra, Bob and Brent Welcome to Denmark.

We hope you will enjoy the stay here, and we will try the best way to give you a good experience here from Denmark, and the family.

The Williams have been here for a week now. Some days in Copenhagen, and 2 days in Aarhus and 3 days in the north. Today Sunday we are going to celebrate Margaret's 90 years birthday.

Song from Helga Movie

Sim-sa-la-bim Movie

Monday trip to Skagen.

Tuesday visit with Gerda, and come to know about the roots here in Denmark.

Wednesday Rebild Festival. Good day without rain - almost

Thursday Hjerl Hede nice day picture is on now, and last day dinner.

Friday travel to Kirsten in Roskilde.

Time is over, Sandra, Bob and Brent leave Denmark today at 2.00 PM, and we hope with a good experience.

Back to US

Right now I am borrowing Jeff's laptop from his work since I have not had access to a computer for so long. We are still visiting them and will return home on Monday, July 16th. I had planned to call or e-mai everyone then, but I am getting a chance a little sooner.

We had a very uneventful trip home. The plane left Copenhagen at 2 p.m. and with a 2 hour lay over in Iceland, we arrived at BWI at 7:15 p.m. and at Brent's apartment by 8:30. Considering the 6 hour time difference, we were awake for 23 hours before we finally went to bed. In spite of that, we are feeling quite rested and readjusted to our time. I am not sure about Brent, because he does not have the luxury of "sleeping in" if he feels like it. He returned to work by 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday when we left to drive to Virginia.

We say thank you again for being such welcoming hosts during our visit. Please share with everyone else the information that we arrived safely and will be in touch when we get back to our own computer. I plan to type the list of e-mail addresses and share it with Brent so that he can continue to stay in touch with his new family/friends. We have not given my Dad a complete report of our visit but we did call him shortly after we returned to share the highlights, and we have promised pictures and lots of details as soon as we get home and unpacked.
Sending best wishes-

You will find picture from the passed, use the menu button above, look for Chris Nielsen, Helga send a 100 year old photo of Niels Cristian Nielsen.

Sandra and Bob phone number here in Denmark +45 40951712

Brents phone number here in Denmark +45 60625702


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